Thursday, June 5, 2014

Skin Rash! Nature's First Aid Cream To The Rescue!

My little princess had developed an ezcema-ish type of skin rash around her chin and lower lips. At first I thought it was a normal milk rash but still found that it was not the case since I had always made sure to wipe her mouth clean after every feeding, meal time or snack time. I did suspect that it had something to do with her saliva and maybe pacifier (she salivates too much when she uses her pacifier). We went to her PD and she was prescribed with Ezenide on the first visit and then Ceradan on our next visit. I applied the creams as instructed but after a week the rash was still there.

I did notice that sometimes the rash seems to be healing but at times it would flare up and spread bit by bit especially in the morning. In desperation, I tried my trusted Putto Secret Angel Liquid Gel. At first it kind of worked, but after a few days the rash would come back with a vengeance and her skin would end up dry making it itch.

I googled up the net looking for remedies from similar cases by experienced parents worldwide and found various suggestions but most is not applicable since the ointments suggested is not readily available here. I was lucky that on one of Mia's Saturday class, there was a baby fair at Mid Valley. I stopped by the baby fair to get Baby Organix's EaseFlue Chest Rub since my little tot had the sniffles. My eyes caught another product which was Nature's First Aid Cream. I asked about it and the promoter told me that the cream is best used for any types of skin ailments including eczema and it is safe even if applied inside the mouth to aid in curing ulcer for babies. The cream is safe to be eaten. Since I was at my wits end, I decided to just go for it with high hopes that this cream would help heal my little tot's skin ailment.

That night I applied the cream on Mia's rash whilst she was sleeping (she would wipe any cream applied on her chin with her sleeve if she was awake!). Come morning, I checked her chin and found that the splotch of rash seemed to has shrunk and the redness subsided! I can see a lot more skin rather than the scales of redness that I usually see. I applied the cream dilligently throughout the weekend and it did help reduce the rash tremendously. It did not miraculously make it disappear overnight but it did help a lot in reducing the rash. I am happy about that. ( ^_^ )

I am so ever thankful that there is at least a cream that can aid my daughter's skin ailment. My only regret is that I did not grab the promotion of buy 3 free 1 during the baby fair though. If I did, I could have put a pot at my mom's house for her usage during the day rather than toting the one pot I have back and forth every day! ( >.< )

Anyways, Mia's rashes do come and go. I am still appyling the cream everyday on her skin around her chin and lower lips and her skin is healing. I hope one of these fine day it would be rash free. I do recommend Baby Organix's Nature's First Aid Cream for parents out there if you guys ever face the similar type of skin rash like I did.

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