Thursday, June 5, 2014

Skin Rash! Nature's First Aid Cream To The Rescue!

My little princess had developed an ezcema-ish type of skin rash around her chin and lower lips. At first I thought it was a normal milk rash but still found that it was not the case since I had always made sure to wipe her mouth clean after every feeding, meal time or snack time. I did suspect that it had something to do with her saliva and maybe pacifier (she salivates too much when she uses her pacifier). We went to her PD and she was prescribed with Ezenide on the first visit and then Ceradan on our next visit. I applied the creams as instructed but after a week the rash was still there.

I did notice that sometimes the rash seems to be healing but at times it would flare up and spread bit by bit especially in the morning. In desperation, I tried my trusted Putto Secret Angel Liquid Gel. At first it kind of worked, but after a few days the rash would come back with a vengeance and her skin would end up dry making it itch.

I googled up the net looking for remedies from similar cases by experienced parents worldwide and found various suggestions but most is not applicable since the ointments suggested is not readily available here. I was lucky that on one of Mia's Saturday class, there was a baby fair at Mid Valley. I stopped by the baby fair to get Baby Organix's EaseFlue Chest Rub since my little tot had the sniffles. My eyes caught another product which was Nature's First Aid Cream. I asked about it and the promoter told me that the cream is best used for any types of skin ailments including eczema and it is safe even if applied inside the mouth to aid in curing ulcer for babies. The cream is safe to be eaten. Since I was at my wits end, I decided to just go for it with high hopes that this cream would help heal my little tot's skin ailment.

That night I applied the cream on Mia's rash whilst she was sleeping (she would wipe any cream applied on her chin with her sleeve if she was awake!). Come morning, I checked her chin and found that the splotch of rash seemed to has shrunk and the redness subsided! I can see a lot more skin rather than the scales of redness that I usually see. I applied the cream dilligently throughout the weekend and it did help reduce the rash tremendously. It did not miraculously make it disappear overnight but it did help a lot in reducing the rash. I am happy about that. ( ^_^ )

I am so ever thankful that there is at least a cream that can aid my daughter's skin ailment. My only regret is that I did not grab the promotion of buy 3 free 1 during the baby fair though. If I did, I could have put a pot at my mom's house for her usage during the day rather than toting the one pot I have back and forth every day! ( >.< )

Anyways, Mia's rashes do come and go. I am still appyling the cream everyday on her skin around her chin and lower lips and her skin is healing. I hope one of these fine day it would be rash free. I do recommend Baby Organix's Nature's First Aid Cream for parents out there if you guys ever face the similar type of skin rash like I did.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

1 Year Old Today! ( ^_^ )

My precious little baby girl is one year old today! She is officially a toddler from now on wards. Boo hoo! I could not call her a baby anymore (but I am still gonna do that anyway! ( >_< ) ). Time does go by very fast when you are raising a child. In a blink of an eye, my sweet little baby had developed and grew into a very active little tot.

This time one year ago, I was in the hospital trying to psyched myself into not panicking big time before going into the delivery operating room. Today, my little baby, oblivious to what happened this time last year is happily munching on her favourite snack, watching her favourite program on the telly.

I pray that she will grow into a very healthy and happy young lady.

Alhamdulillah and thank you for a great year with baby Mia.. and hopefully for more great years ahead to come. Mama loves you very much Mia. ( ^_^ )

Sunday, December 30, 2012

~ 11 months ~ Play Time!

It has been a while that I am able to update my blog. I am constantly bombed with office work and barely have time to sit down and relax in front of my PC to do just that. Thankfully today was one of those days that I am able to just brush off all the demanding papers on my desk and just leave for home on time! My new year resolution this year would be NEVER to bring work home and spend more time with my family rather than stick my nose in my work.

My baby had just turned 11 months! Another month and she will be a full year old already. How time flies without us realizing it. So far I had not seen any signs of her pearly whites showing up yet but she is gumming a lot these days. She also has not started crawling on her hands and knees yet but do get around by doing the tummy crawl. Day by day I could see her character building up and the change is so uplifting.

Baby Mia is growing into a healthy and bouncy baby. She just loves her cartoon time during the day and also her trips with mama and daddy. Her most favourite spot in shopping malls are the escalators. Yes, the escalators. She just love going up or down escalators. Whenever I put her in the baby carrier and go up or down the escalator, she would flail her little arms and legs and squeal out loud with laughter and that would be the loudest sound that the people going up or down the escalator would hear! ( >_< ) She would squeal even more louder whenever her daddy goes up or down the stairs and started to wave and call out to her! We had encountered a few people commenting that she looked like a starfish with her arms and legs flailing and waving non stop out of her enjoyment.

Baby Mia also loves to flip through book pages. We bought a few cardboard books for her and she would flip and flip them until she gets bored with it and throw it aside. Oh, she also loves to hug and kiss plush toys. She would slowly put her nose or her cheeks against the plush toy and repeat for a couple of times. But almost all the time the lovey dovey session ends up with her biting the toy and then throwing it aside! Hehe.. So far my little baby does not show any signs of being a dainty little lady yet. ( >_< )

As far as all the toys and games she loves to play, her favourite game would be the chasing game. Whenever we put her in her walker and she happened to hold something in her small hands, she would do a little run and look back at us with a cheeky smile. We definitely knew that is a sign that she wants somebody to chase her. When we started to chase her, she would squeal with laughter and run for her life as if there is not enough land to run on! And boy, does she run fast in her wheels!

All in all, it really makes me feel happy whenever I hear my baby's laugh. It is the utmost stress release therapy for me. Till the next post! ( ^_^ )

Sunday, August 19, 2012

~ 6 months old ~ New Tastebud Discovery

It has been a while I got the chance to update my blog. My work has been craaaaazy lately with too many things to do and too little time to do it. Albeit my crazy work schedule, my little bouncing baby and me has been traveling to and fro from my home and her grandmama's home. It does take a big toll on me but for the time being this is the best arrangement for her.

My dear daughter is now 6 months old! Since the days of her being a tiny little baby that does nothing but lie and sleep all day, now she is quite the talkative and active baby. Since she is of age to be introduced to solid food, our pediatrician advised us to try and give a tiny bit of solid food to our baby so that she can learn to accept the new texture in her mouth. He told us to start off with a small spoon of finely milled rice cereal and see how it goes from there. I decided to try and give to my daughter is Heinz plain rice cereal. Why? Because it is totally plain, nothing else is added and there is absolutely no sugar nor salt. The only thing I need to add is my baby's milk to the cereal, and then we are good to go.

I do wish I have the time to prepare home cooked baby food for my little baby but as the current arrangement does not permit me the time to do so, I had to settled with what I can for the time being. I highly respect mommies that could prepare home made baby food for their little loved ones, but I do believe that by introducing a store bought food to my baby does not mean I love her less. Huhu..

I was super duper excited to give my baby her first taste of solid food. I think I was more excited than my baby herself! Haha! The first time the baby spoon hits her mouth, baby Mia opened her mouth very wide gleefully! I think she thought it was a game. But, after the food hits her tongue, she gave me this confused look as if asking me, 'Mama, what is this goop you are feeding me? Where's my bottle?'. She did gum on the spoon and food but her expression never wavers from the confused look.

I thought she didn't like the plain taste of the rice but she opened her mouth nevertheless every time the spoon hovered in front of her tiny little mouth without fail. Confused as she was, she did manage to finish the two tablespoon of cereal I prepared. It really made her little tummy full as she slept soundly afterwards. I can't wait to try various flavours once she is old enough to find out what she likes. ( ^_^ ) I hope she does not inherit my allergy to flour! ( >.< )


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